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Featured articles start at $250 and include a bio about the contributing author along with a link to your website. Other in articles links are available upon request.

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Guest Post Guidelines

All guest post submissions are subject to approval. Our editors reserve the right to disapprove, edit, or change any part of your submission for any reason. If your article is not relevant to and does not meet our guidelines, it will be rejected.


Featured articles must not be written solely for the purpose of advertising. These articles are meant to educate others and share ideas about investing. Although, your article can mention your product or company as a resource, the article should be about finance, investing, or other related niches.

Example Article Ideas:

Top Interesting Cryptocurrencies to Invest this Weekend
Cryptocurrency Simplified: The Ultimate Guide to Crypto World
Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest


All submissions must be written solely for Each article must be completely unique and never published on another source or website. If an article is found to be copyrighted from another website or published somewhere else, it will be rejected.


All articles should be at least 1,200 words in length with a multi-tiered structure. A good example of this is numbered posts. For example, “10 Tips for Investing in Stocks”. This article is broken into multiple sections and isn’t one long article.


Write your post as if you are trying to explain an investing concept to a friend. It should be informal and easy to understand.


Articles are allowed one link to your website. Any links to unrelated/irrelevant websites or resources will be removed.

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